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Art and individuality are central to what we do.  Our fine furniture is bespoke and handcrafted. Our interior designs are stylish and authentic. With us, everything can be customised and personalised for you. From designing your interiors to creating the furniture within it, we can help. With a growing portfolio of commercial and residential clients from all over the world we offer a flexible approach to design. Our projects include, design, renovation, refurbishment and bespoke furniture. Our clients include landlords, home owners,  famous cafes and salons.

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Explore the Exceptional with our authentic gifts ideal for Christmas

It’s almost that time of the year – advent calendars, Christmas decorations and of course gifts! We understand finding original gifts for loved ones can be a challenge.  Whether it’s a gift for a friend, partner or the little ones; we’vegot you covered this Christmas. Our exceptional collection of handcrafted gifts provide our customers with […]

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