About Us

"Domestic life is the source of my inspiration. I am a furniture designer using a combination of traditional craft techniques and industrial processes to create a new genre of domestic objects" - Frida Rush MFA Ph.D

About Aorta

Aorta is a proprietary brand offering bespoke interiors and sustainable handcrafted furniture. Well regarded for the quality of our work and our personalised approach,  we aim to meet and exceed client expectations. With over 10 years of working alongside homeowners and businesses we have developed a niche for creating personal, luxurious and sustainable environments.

Our Aim

Is to create unique and expressive environments that maximise potential and deliver long term satisfaction and sustainability for the owner(s).

Our designs are carefully planned and bespoke to each individual customer, creating comfortable environments you can feel proud of.

About Frida Rush

Frida is the founder and Managing Director of Aorta Ltd. As a Professor of Architecture she has extensive experience in all aspects of the design process. From establishing the floor plan to 3D visuals, product sourcing and selection she is able to provide advice and guidance on it all. Having completed a few residential and commercial projects and developing a small body of work, Frida officially created Aorta Ltd 3 years ago. Aorta is aptly named as it was born out of passion for design and restoration.

Since then the company has grown. Now delivering a comprehensive range of furniture and design services for commercial and residential clients.

Frida’s work pushes the boundaries of conceptual design. Passionate about incorporating individuality and sustainability into her designs Frida’s design theory  examines the social aspects of sustainable development and the theory of product attachments.

Using this theory as a rationale and direction, I have developed a range of products that encourage a progression of memories between individuals and their domestic objects. These products demonstrate various triggers for different types of episodic memory that could promote product attachment, providing a richer context and history. It is hoped that such designs will eventually contribute to the development of more sustainable objects, thus positively affecting today’s culture of consumption.

Frida also understands the need to refurbish and up-cycle when furniture and interiors begin to look tired or as tastes change over time.

Frida’s love of taking something old or special and giving it a new lease of life has driven her to go one step further. Recently our busy entrepreneur embarked on a full scale restoration project of her own, The Chapel. Once complete The Chapel will be Aorta’s showroom but will also contribute significantly to the local community providing exhibition space, workshops and events.

Our Products

Aortas products stimulate the viewers’ imagination by offering a new perspective on the design of common, everyday objects.  Drawing on the element of surprise, memory and humor, you will meet everyday objects whose functions vary from stylish and practical to quirky and memorable.

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Whatever your preferences we can design something to make you smile!