Game Tables

These games are intended to encourage social interaction and amusement. Providing a stage on which shared memories may be formed and past games remembered.

This game consists of a gird of dots engraved on the table top. Players randomly pick a card with a simple shape printed on it. The dice is then thrown by each player. The number thrown denotes the number of moves. The aim is to recreate the picture on the card by joining the dots on the grid using a non permanent pen. The game can be played by two or more people. The first person to complete the drawing wins the game.

A series of magnetic rings in the shape of a dartboard are permanently fixed to the table. Players are given a set of magnetized buttons. They then stand at an agreed distance and attempt to hit a bullseye. First one to score wins the game.

The memory game. Players can take turns lifting each felt ball to reveal a series of expressive smiley faces. The aim is to memorize the placement of each face and then match up the pairs.


  • Medium: Wood
  • Size: 29x25x16in
  • Retail Price: £476

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