2018 Design Trends, Wabi-Sabi

Trend experts predict Wabi-Sabi will be the biggest trend for 2018…and we can’t wait! Wabi-Sabi is a Japanese term for finding beauty in the imperfect. The characteristics of wabi-sabi designs are simplicity, intimacy, and an appreciation of natural objects, form and process.

We live in a world that can often seem obsessed with perfection, the perfect, job, car, home, children… Surely by embracing imperfection we can be happier? This doesn’t mean buying products that are sub-par or faulty, completely the opposite. Handcrafted products are often more sustainable, luxurious and unique than manufactured goods. This is because more time, energy and passion go into the final design and the materials are often richer and more durable.

Our designs and collections adhere to the principles of Wabi-Sabi. We work with the natural nature of the materials we use and carefully bend and blend them accordingly.

 For those who share a love of the unique and imperfect you have come to the right place! Please browse our collections.