Finalists in Channel 4’s Grand Designs Exhibition 2017!

Out of hundreds of designers who entered Grand Room Sets competition (part of Grand Designs London Live 2017), we were one of the lucky six who got through to the finals.

Based on the Channel 4 TV series, and presented by design guru Kevin McCloud, the Grand Designs exhibition was packed with over 500 exhibitors, offering ideas and inspiration for your very own Grand Design, however big or small.

The Grand Designs Set is a competition which aims to inspire visitors with new and quirky designs, ideas as well as helpful information and supplier contacts. This year the theme was TV. This could be anything from a programme to something physical such as a TV set itself. Entries included, Black Adder, Homes by the Sea, Game of Thrones, Victoria, Only Fools and Horses and Aorta’s theme which was #BreakingBad designed by Frida Rush.

Frida took a scientific approach to the design, weaving the colours, styles and iconic objects from the series into the set without simply replicating a room or a scene. Frida has a talent for maximising space, creating a floor plan that divided the set into two rooms, a bedroom and a kitchen/living area. This appealed to many of the guests at the Grand Designs Exhibition who were looking for space saving ideas including, small kitchen units, shelving and storage options and modular furniture.

Whilst the room was Breaking Bad inspired, it also represented Frida’s ability to identify the issues of compact living and to be on trend. In the design, Frida blends old with new, using modern and retro furniture and design to produce a unique style symbolic of the contrast of the two characters in the show, Jesse Pinkman and Walter White. Frida infuses the essence of the programme into the design, using the mustard yellow of the RV within the furniture (small sofa and rocking chair sourced from Rose & Grey) and plants and flowers of Mexican origin in test tubes and measuring glasses (provided by Sonning Flowers). Using her knowledge of what is on trend, Frida integrated some of her own furniture designs into the set, including two bar stools with steel framework and concrete cushions.

The overall look of the set fuses the industrial nature of the chemistry lab with the retro feel of the RV with the subtheme of the Mexican Cartel.  Not only does the design meet the brief, it transforms the set into somewhere, many said they would actually want to live!

Whilst we didn’t win this year, the feedback and public appreciation has been overwhelming with many positive comments and enquiries for our design consultancy service. It was a great opportunity to showcase how intelligence, art and interior design can be used to transform a small space into something unique and memorable.

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