Luxury Student Accommodation Attracts Higher Yields.

Universities in the UK bring a wealth of investment and affluent tenants to the country.

The price of the accommodation is variable but cheap doesn’t always mean profitable. Cheaper properties are likely to be smaller with limited facilities and to appeal most to self-funding and lower income students. These properties often create a steady supply of tenants but only ever achieve minimal yields and ongoing management and maintenance.

Larger, more expensive accommodation with access to better facilities and high-end finishes will rent out just as easily and attract a higher rental yield, however will cost more upfront.

Rental Trends

Today, students come from a range of socio-economic backgrounds creating a growing need for both affordable and luxury accommodation. Over recent years, The Universities have seen an increase in international students most of which come from affluent backgrounds. These individuals tend to seek out luxury accommodation for the duration of their stay.

Reports suggest that with very little high quality student property available there is a huge, growing demand and therefore great returns available for keen investors.

Working with Us

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