We’ve Launched!

We have launched our new website showcasing the luxurious range of exquisite handcrafted furniture and bespoke interior design by Aorta Ltd. In honour of the launch we are offering and 10% off all products for new customers! and a further 20% off our products when commissioning us to as your interior stylists.

Frida Rush, founder and managing director of Aorta Ltd is a Professor of architecture with extensive experience in product design. With more than ten years of creating furniture Frida has enjoyed developing a unique line with a broad selection of design choices and high-end finishes. Memories, connection and experience are at the core of her work, reflecting not only the stories told by clients but also the memories household objects have created.

 “At Aorta we push the boundaries of conceptual design, encouraging awareness and provoking viewers to notice the objects they use in a domestic environment.

Our business is dedicated to elevating the design of domestic objects which is done by engaging one’s thought-process of architectural awareness and stimulating the mind, giving new meaning to familiar ordinary objects.

This awareness can also bring about pleasurable sensory experiences related to the natural world or to artistic creation, providing a broader, introspective and more sensitive realization of life itself. Hence to elevate the design of domestic object is to create extraordinary versions of everyday objects.”

Frida Rush, Managing Director Aorta Ltd

Aorta is a pleasant and tasteful resource but is not afraid to have a bit of fun! Our designs range from elegant and sophisticated to novelty and playful. Sustainable design is important to us, we respect the environment and as a result up-cycle and choose materials carefully.

Aortas products stimulate the viewers’ imagination by offering new perspective on the design of common, everyday objects. In so doing, it endeavours to present both fictional and functional solutions. Drawing on the element of surprise, memory and humour, you will meet everyday objects whose functions verge on the ridiculous, mundane and mirthful.

To receive your discount please email sales@theHeartofArt.com and quote the applicable code:

10% discount for new customers = NEW10

20% further discount on Aorta products = ID20*

*Discount applies after contract has been signed.